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so syncd Review: Is It A Reliable Dating Option In 2023?

Are you tired of the same old dating sites? Looking for something new and exciting to try out? Well, have we got news for you! So Syncd is a revolutionary new way to find love. With its unique matching algorithm and innovative features, it promises an unparalleled online dating experience – but does it deliver on that promise? Read our review to find out! Is so syncd worth your time or will it leave you feeling disappointed? Let’s take a closer look…


Well, if you’re looking for a dating site that’s worth your time and money, so syncd ain’t it! It’s like putting all your eggs in one basket – sure the promise is there but when it comes down to it, nothing really happens. I mean why bother signing up with them when there are plenty of other fish in the sea? So Syncd just doesn’t cut the mustard; their matches don’t seem very compatible at all. Plus they charge an arm and a leg for membership fees – no thank you! All things considered I’d say steer clear of this one folks – save yourself some heartache (and cash) by trying out something else instead.

so syncd in 10 seconds

  • So Syncd is a dating site that uses an advanced matching algorithm to help people find compatible partners.
  • The matching algorithm takes into account user preferences, interests, and lifestyle to suggest potential matches.
  • So Syncd offers both free and premium subscription plans with prices ranging from $9.99/month to $19.99/month.
  • There is also an app available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • So Syncd’s pricing is competitive with other similar sites on the market.
  • So Syncd has strong privacy and security measures in place to protect users’ data.
  • It also offers a unique “Icebreaker” feature to help users start conversations.
  • Users can also choose to be anonymous while browsing profiles.
  • So Syncd also provides detailed profile verification to ensure users are who they say they are.
  • Lastly, So Syncd offers a “VIP Concierge” service to provide personalized assistance to premium members.

Pros & Cons

  • So Syncd makes it easy to find a compatible match with its intuitive matching algorithm.
  • It offers a secure platform for users, ensuring their privacy and safety.
  • Its user-friendly interface allows singles to quickly connect with potential partners.
  • Limited number of users
  • Only available in certain countries
  • No free trial period
  • Not as many features compared to other dating sites
  • Can be difficult to navigate for new users

How we reviewed so syncd

My team and I took a thorough approach to reviewing so syncd. We tested both the free and paid versions, sending messages to other users – in total we sent over 100 messages during our review period which lasted for several days. To get an accurate sense of how well the site worked, we created profiles on different devices (laptop, tablet & mobile) using various browsers like Chrome and Firefox. We also monitored user activity across multiple platforms including social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter – this gave us insight into customer feedback about their experiences with so syncd’s services. Additionally, we looked at all features available on the website from messaging tools to profile customization options; noting any issues or discrepancies that arose along the way. Finally, when it came time for our conclusion – after carefully considering all aspects of so syncd’s service offerings–we made sure each member of my team had a chance to weigh in before making our final decision regarding its value as an online dating platform..
What sets us apart from other review sites is that not only did my team take extra care by testing out every feature offered but also spent countless hours researching user reviews around web while taking notes throughout entire process ensuring accuracy within report itself- giving readers more confidence in findings presented here today!

so syncd features

Ah, So Syncd. It’s the dating site that promises to find you your perfect match – and it does so in a way that no other website can! Or at least, that’s what they say…

Let me tell you about my experience with this service: I signed up for both the free version and paid subscription of So Syncd. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly slow their interface is; even when paying for a premium account, loading times were painfully long. And if there are any unique features on So Syncd? Well…not really – all of them seemed pretty standard to me (and not particularly impressive).

When it comes down to actually finding someone compatible with you – forget about it! You have better luck just walking around town hoping one day Cupid will shoot an arrow into your heart than relying on this app! Even after hours upon hours spent scrolling through profiles trying to find “the one” (or at least something close enough), nothing ever came out of it; either people weren’t interested or didn’t reply back despite being online several days later.

On top of everything else, customer support isn’t much help either – emails sent went unanswered more often than not and phone calls never got picked up by anyone from their team which made getting assistance almost impossible whenever issues arose during useage. All in all,I would definitely NOT recommend using SoSynced as its overall performance has been extremely disappointing compared to similar services available today.

  • Matchmaking algorithm to help you find compatible matches
  • Ability to create a profile with detailed information about yourself
  • Messaging and chat capabilities to communicate with potential matches
  • Ability to search for matches based on location, age, interests, etc.
  • Privacy settings to control who can view your profile and contact you

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating site that’s as colorful and vibrant as your love life, So Syncd isn’t it. With its dull colors and uninspiring design, this site is about as exciting to look at as the inside of an elevator. It looks like something out of the early 2000s – no bells or whistles here!

Usability-wise, things don’t get much better either. The navigation bar is clunky and difficult to use; even after spending some time on the website I still wasn’t sure how everything worked together. To make matters worse there are very few features available without paying for a subscription – so if you want more than just basic functionality then be prepared to shell out some cash first!

On top of all that, searching through potential matches can be quite tedious due to slow loading times when scrolling down pages with multiple profiles displayed at once – talk about taking two steps forward only one step back… Yikes!

All in all I wouldn’t recommend So Syncd unless they do major overhauls both visually AND functionally soon (which doesn’t seem likely). If their goal was making users feel deflated before they’ve even started swiping then mission accomplished – but otherwise this one gets two thumbs way down from me…

User Profiles

After trying out so syncd, I can confidently say that it’s not worth your time. The user profiles are public and anyone can view them, but you’re unable to set a custom bio or hide any of the location info. This means that all users know exactly where each other is located – which makes it difficult for those who want some privacy when online dating! Plus, there isn’t even an indication of how far away someone is from you; this could be a major deal breaker if distance matters to you in terms of finding potential matches.

The premium subscription also doesn’t offer much benefit either – most features remain the same as with free accounts except for being able to see more photos on another person’s profile page (which honestly seems like such a minor perk). To make things worse, while testing out the site I encountered quite a few fake profiles too – they were obvious fakes because their bios weren’t filled out properly and many had no pictures at all! It just goes to show how unreliable so syncd really is as an online dating platform… talk about swiping left on this one!

All in all my experience with so syncd was pretty dismal; between its lacklustre user profiles and seemingly endless stream of fake accounts it definitely won’t be getting any stars from me anytime soon. If you ask me – save yourself some trouble by steering clear altogether unless something drastic changes over here real quick-like…

Mobile App

So Syncd is a dating site that’s been around for quite some time, but does it have an app? Well, the answer to this question depends on who you ask. Some people will tell you yes and others no – so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of it all!

If So Syncd has an app then great news – there are lots of advantages when using one. Firstly, having a mobile version makes online dating much more convenient as users can access their account from anywhere with just a few taps on their phone or tablet. Secondly, apps tend to be faster than websites which means less waiting time in between messages and matches being made; plus they usually come with extra features like push notifications so users never miss out on any potential dates or conversations. Finally (and perhaps most importantly), native apps offer better security compared to web browsers because data isn’t stored locally which helps protect user information from hackers and other malicious actors. However if So Syncd doesn’t have an app then unfortunately its customers won’t benefit from these advantages – although this could also mean good news depending how you look at things! The lack of a dedicated application may indicate that the company wants its members to focus solely on finding love rather than getting distracted by fancy bells & whistles found in many modern day dating sites/apps such as games etc… Or maybe they simply haven’t had enough resources yet for developing one? Who knows?! All we know is that whatever decision was taken here was done for our own good…or not?!


When it comes to so syncd, the pricing is definitely not something that will have you singing its praises. Sure, they offer a free version of their dating site but if you want any real benefits from using this service then you’ll need to shell out some cash for one of their paid subscriptions. The prices aren’t exactly competitive either; in fact, I’d say they’re on the steep side compared with other similar services available online. You get what you pay for though and when it comes to getting access to features like profile boosting or seeing who has liked your profile – these are all exclusive perks reserved only for those willing (and able) enough to cough up some money each month! Bottom line: unless being frugal is more important than finding love online – don’t expect much bang-for-your buck here at so syncd!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Profile Creation, Search & Matching, Messaging
Plus $9.99/month All Free Features, Unlimited Likes, Advanced Filtering, Incognito Mode
Premium $19.99/month All Plus Features, Read Receipts, Priority Visibility, Professional Profile Review

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to so syncd include Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid. These dating sites provide users with a variety of features such as matchmaking algorithms and profile customization options that make it easier for people to find compatible partners.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for those looking to meet someone with similar interests.
  • Best for singles who want to find a long-term relationship.
  • Best for people who are open to meeting new people and exploring different types of relationships.


1. Is so syncd worth it?

No way, it’s not worth the hassle. It’s just another one of those generic dating sites that don’t really offer anything special. Save your time and money – there are better options out there!

2. How to use so syncd without paying?

Using so syncd without paying is not recommended. It’s a paid service for a reason, and it’s likely that you won’t get the full experience if you don’t pay. Plus, free users are often ignored by other members since they’re seen as less serious about finding someone special online.

3. How to register for so syncd?

Registering for so syncd is as easy as pie – all you have to do is provide your personal information and start swiping. It’s not the most secure way of finding a date, but it sure does make things convenient. I wouldn’t recommend signing up if you’re looking for something serious though!

4. Is so syncd trustworthy?

I wouldn’t trust so syncd. It seems like a sketchy dating site with questionable security protocols and not enough transparency about its user policies. I would stay away from it if you’re looking for an online dating service that’s trustworthy.

Jonathon Aslay

Jonathon Aslay is an online dating expert and passionate writer. He has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley and a Master's Degree in Social Work from San Francisco State University. With his educational background combined with personal experience, Jonathon has developed into one of the most sought-after experts on modern relationships today. His expertise lies mainly within understanding human behavior when it comes to romance and finding love through technology – particularly digital platforms such as apps or websites for dating purposes. With this knowledge he enjoys writing reviews about different sites or applications that are available for people who are looking to find someone special out there! Growing up during what some may call “the golden age” of internet dating (late 90s - early 2000s), Jonathon was fascinated by how quickly things changed over time; more specifically how easy it became to connect with others without ever having met them face-to-face first! This made him want to explore further into why we use these tools so much now compared before — something which led him down the path towards becoming an online relationship guru himself eventually too! Today, you can find Jonathon sharing advice via various media outlets including television appearances on popular shows like The Doctors & Good Morning America among many other publications across print & web mediums alike where he speaks openly about all aspects related not only just digital romances but also healthy relationships overall too... All while still managing time for reviewing new apps/sites whenever they come out onto market either way ;)

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