The 10 Best Lds Dating Sites For Finding Love

  • LDSSingles – Best for single Latter-day Saints looking to meet and connect with other like-minded individuals.
  • Mutual – Best for those looking for meaningful connections and real relationships.
  • LDSPlanet – Best for those looking to meet other Latter-day Saints in a safe and friendly environment.
  • LDSMingle – Best for those looking to find a compatible partner who shares their LDS values.
  • LDSFriendsDate – Best for those looking to find a meaningful relationship with someone who shares their LDS values.

There are many more LDS dating sites and apps available, each offering their own unique features. Alternatives that you might want to check out include:

  • LDSRomances
  • TrueLDS
  • LDSLinkup
  • LDSMatchUp
  • LDSSinglesConnection

How To Choose The Best Option For You?

Choosing the best LDS dating site can be a daunting task. With so many options out there, it’s hard to know which one is right for you! But don’t worry – I got your back. As an online dating expert who has tried numerous sites and apps, let me give you some advice on how to pick the perfect option for your needs.

First of all, take into account what kind of relationship are you looking for: something casual or long-term? That will help narrow down your choices significantly since different sites cater to different types of relationships and interests. Then think about whether or not this is important enough that you would want someone with similar beliefs as yours – if yes then go ahead and look at LDS specific websites/apps instead of general ones like Tinder etc.. Also consider factors such as pricing (some offer free services while others require subscription fees) and user base size (the bigger the better). Don’t forget about reviews from other users too; they often provide valuable insights into what each website offers in terms of features, safety measures etc., so make sure to read them before making any decisions!

Once these criteria have been taken care off it’s time do some more research by visiting various forums where people discuss their experiences with particular lds dating platforms; reading through those threads should give a good idea which platform works best according to individual preferences & requirements. Finally, when selecting among several potential matches keep an open mind but also trust yourself – after all only YOU know exactly what type person would fit perfectly in YOUR life! So don’t hesitate : find that special someone today!

Why Are Lds Dating Sites So Popular Now?

LDS dating sites are all the rage these days! Everyone’s looking for their perfect match, and LDS singles have found that they can get it on one of these special websites. They provide a safe environment to meet like-minded people who share similar values and beliefs. Plus, with so many options available – from chat rooms to online forums – you won’t be stuck in any kind of rut when it comes to finding your soulmate. And let’s face it: if you’re serious about settling down with someone special, an LDS site is probably your best bet! So why wait? Get out there and start searching today – I guarantee you’ll find what (or who!) you’re looking for soon enough!

List Of Best Lds Dating Sites


LDSSingles is the go-to dating site for Latter-day Saints looking for love. It offers a safe, secure environment with key features like profile verification and photo moderation. Plus, it’s free to join! With its tailored search capabilities, LDSSingles makes it easy to find your perfect match. Plus, you can chat with other members and get to know them better before taking things offline. All in all, LDSSingles is a great way to meet your soulmate – so why not give it a try?


Mutual is the perfect dating site for singles looking for love! It’s packed with key features like swiping, matching, and messaging that make it easy to find your perfect match. Plus, Mutual’s unique algorithms help you find someone who really clicks with you. And if you’re feeling shy, you can even use Mutual’s anonymous chat feature to get to know each other better. So don’t wait any longer – sign up for Mutual today and start finding your soulmate!


LDSPlanet is the go-to dating site for LDS singles. It’s got all the bells and whistles you need to find your perfect match: search tools, chat rooms, photo galleries, message boards, and more. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate. With LDSPlanet, you can connect with other LDS singles from around the world, so you’re sure to find someone who shares your values and beliefs. So, if you’re looking for a place to meet that special someone, LDSPlanet is the way to go!


LDSMingle is the perfect dating site for singles of the LDS faith. It’s got all the bells and whistles – profile creation, messaging, search filters, and more. Plus, you can be sure that everyone on the site shares your same values and beliefs. It’s easy to use and navigate, so you won’t waste time trying to figure out how it works. And best of all, it’s free! So don’t miss out – check out LDSMingle today and start meeting your match!


LDSFriendsDate is the ultimate dating site for LDS singles. It’s got all the bells and whistles you need to find that special someone, from advanced search filters to detailed profiles. Plus, it’s free! You’ll be able to browse through hundreds of LDS singles in your area and make connections quickly and easily. And with its mobile app, you can take LDSFriendsDate on the go, so you never miss a beat. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start your journey to finding love!

5 Useful Tips For Lds Dating Sites

  • Create an honest and detailed profile. Be sure to include information about your faith, interests, and values.
  • Be patient and take your time when searching for a potential match. LDS dating sites often have a wide variety of members with different backgrounds and beliefs.
  • Take advantage of the messaging features available on the site. This is a great way to get to know someone before meeting in person.
  • Be open-minded and respectful of other people’s beliefs. Even if you don’t agree with someone’s views, it’s important to be respectful.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to people who interest you. You never know what could happen!

How Do We Rank Lds Dating Sites?

When it comes to reviewing LDS dating sites, we take our job seriously. We don’t just look at the features and call it a day – no way! Our team dives deep into every aspect of each site in order to give you an honest review that’s backed up by facts. First off, we test both free and paid versions of each site so you know what kind of value they offer for their money. Then, my team spends days sending messages back-and-forth with other users on these sites (we sent over 200 messages during this process). This allows us to get a feel for how active the user base is as well as how quickly responses come through from potential matches. We also pay close attention to safety measures like profile verification processes and customer service availability should any issues arise while using the website or app. And if there are any unique features offered by certain platforms then those get tested too! Finally, after all that work has been done I personally write up detailed reviews about each platform which includes pros/cons along with overall ratings based on our findings from testing them out ourselves – not something many other review websites do but sets us apart nonetheless!


In conclusion, LDS dating sites are a great way to meet like-minded people and find potential partners who share your faith. With their specialized search features and detailed profiles, you can easily filter out incompatible matches so that you only connect with those who truly suit your needs. Plus, the large community of users ensures that there’s always someone new to talk to or go on a date with! So if you’re looking for an online platform where it’s easy to make meaningful connections in line with your beliefs – then give one of these LDS dating sites a try today!


1. Where can I find free lds dating sites?

There are plenty of free LDS dating sites out there, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one. Just make sure to do your research and read reviews before signing up for a site. Also, be aware that some sites may require payment if you want access to certain features or unlimited messaging options.

2. Are lds dating sites legit?

Yes, LDS dating sites are legit. They provide a great way to meet other like-minded singles who share the same values and beliefs as you do. Plus, they offer lots of features that make it easy to find someone special!

3. How legit are lds dating sites?

LDS dating sites are pretty legit. They have a large user base and plenty of success stories, so you can be sure that your experience will be positive. Plus, the fact that they cater to LDS singles means you’ll find people who share similar values and beliefs as yourself!

4. How can I stay safe on lds dating sites?

Make sure to read the safety guidelines provided by the site, use a strong password and don’t share any personal information with anyone you meet online. Be cautious when it comes to meeting in person – always make sure someone knows where you are going and who you will be meeting. Trust your instincts if something doesn’t feel right or seems too good to be true.